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Distributing the Insensible: Performing the Anarchive - Partager l’insensible: Pratiquer l’anarchive (Dec 10-20, 2016)


10 – 20 Décembre 2016 x December 10-20, 2016

SenseLab, Concordia University, 1515 Sainte-Catherine West, EV Building, room 10.785

This event will wonder about other ways of thinking-feeling the contemporary and its imperceptible share. How can the contemporary’s potential be “traced” back and forth? What is the relation between the insensible and the untimely? What is the difference between experiencing a present potential and judging a future possibility? If there is a sense in which the present is pregnant with futurity, what does this say about our notions of the linearity of time? What kind of eyeless “vision” would make the forces of futurity felt? What other ways are there of thinking about the form of time? What does it mean to share–across the texture of togetherness–that which cannot be reduced to a single being? What does it mean to distribute that which cannot be given as such? Distributing the Insensible will be designed towards an ethics of care: one that carries the force of the propositional as a lure for a sensibility to come. How can that force be tended?This is the question of the anarchive.


“A proposition, in abstraction from any particular actual entity which may be realizing it in feeling, is a manner of germane ness of a certain set of eternal objects to a certain set of actual entities. Every proposition presupposes those actual entities which are its logical subjects. (…) The proposition itself awaits its logical subjects. Thus propositions grow with the creative advance of the world. They are neither pure potentials, nor pure actualities; they are a manner of potential nexus involving pure potentials and pure actualities.”

(Alfred N. Whitehead, Process and Reality)





going into and coming out of the event

Choreography of Choice for All Books:

(Note: Some books require at least one partner to activate other than the self. This is a ‘how to’ practice governing the attention required to interact with the books)

Attune to the molecular as a practice.



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