Reembroidering the Event Book

Photographs are taken of the room in which an event is taking place, and perhaps also the surrounding corridors and views out the window. Photographs of the leavings of the event (leftover materials, chairs in disarray, forgotten items of clothing, etc.). No people are included in the images. Their presence, and its passing, is captured indirectly, in trace form. High quality colour prints are made of the photographs. In addition, a black-and-white copy of each photo is made, digitally altered to present an embroidery template. Both versions of the photos are held in a hand-made artisanal book cover. A sewing needle and different-coloured thread are bundled with the images. The black-and-white template can be left as is, or embroidered with the thread to highlight the image or create a new one, in palimpsest. The Reembroidering the Event Book produced at “Distributing the Insensible” is currently housed in the Oversize Pocket Book.