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59-Minute Do-It-Ourselves Books

This book involves a technique for anarchiving an event session as it is unfolding. A team works while the activity is under way to collect and receive traces of the event as it happens through bluetooth connections between smart phones: photos of the surrounds capturing them in evocative ways that exceed simple documentation, close-ups of materials forming the basis of the interaction, key conceptual formulae arrived at through the interaction, poetic snippets of the conversation, etc. The team spends exactly 59 minutes of the session receiving the material and composing the book in real-time. The resulting short book (typically 24 pages) is published using an online publishing platform. A bound book with colour images arrives in the mail a few days later. At “Distributing the Insensible,” 6 Do-It-Ourselves books were produced, to be included in the Moving Stand-Up Book. An additional book was also produced that serves as a retrospective on the guiding concepts of a number of past Immediations events.

Note: At Immediations events it is not unusual for a dozen or more first languages to be in the room. Creative uses of English are anarchival traces of this diversity. For that reason, we chose not to standardize language before sending the books for printing.



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