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59-Minute Do-It-Ourselves Book Procedure

Technique: compose a book in 1 hour.

The proposition: activate the anarchic share in the event.

The composition: 70 people from 5 continents, 9 languages

The writing is flawed. The flaw carries the force of language’s potential. There is no copy-editing here. No time for it. The anarchic share just moves too fast.

Capture is not exactly what we’re after. But at the same time, we can’t bear to miss the trace of the what-else. Catch it! Catch us, in the making!

We don’t worry about the spelling, about the grammar (which language is speaking? Whose grammar?). But then we do: the archive, the push to document, the docility in the prescribed gesture: it does get to us.

But we resist, because there is no time. Because another time must be crafted. And we are making it, making the deadline, the time for surplus, the time of the event.