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Cartographies of the Immediate (November 24 – December 4, 2015)

Cartographies of the Immediate was a BA seminar at Inter-University Centre for Dance in Berlin (HZT) led by Christoph Brunner and Diego Gil with the participation from Sense Lab.

The seminar focused on movement practices in relation to affect theory and conceptions of memory. In three parts there were introduced 1) performative 2) philosophical and 3) poetics accounts of dealing with experience as a continuous process of composing situations of an immediate and activating quality.

After a first encounter with the key concepts of memory and affect, the seminar engaged in in-depth practical experiments with members of the Sense Lab and its current project Immediations: Art, Media, Event, around notions of fluidity and memory relays. In the third part of the seminar the exploration continued with the practice of writing. Writing allowed to open a further dimension of experimenting with immediate forms of reflection without having to separate the writing subject from its environment.

The seminar connected artists and theorist of the Montreal and European Sense Lab Hub, with the performing art community of Berlin. Activities happened in the dance studio as well as in public spaces such as Museums, Galleries and the streets. The two and a half week event was an investigation on the design of interdisciplinary platforms for research creation with a particular focus in performing arts.