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Anarchiving Economies: Anarchiving the Movement-Moving of Adventure Capital

The “Anarchiving Economies” book is a multi-component digital composition anarchiving the work that the Immediations project has done toward the creation of an “Adventure Capital” DAO, a complex project that will bring the project’s anarchival researches to a culmination. READ MORE DETAILS HERE

This many-pronged anarchival book gathers together a series of interwoven propositons coming out of the research and development activities related to the Adventure Capital DAO. It takes the form of a Prezi presentation available online. The user follows a curated path through the various components, or jumps at will from one to another. Links to additional documents (including a Do-It-Yourself book), sound files, image files, and videos are embedded in the interface.

The book was brought together at the “Distributing the Insensible” event by a team of Immediations participants working with the Economic Space Agency (ECSA) systems designer who serves as the point person between ECSA and Immediations. It anarchives material generated during “Distributing the Insensible” sessions directly related to the Adventure Capital project; curated highlights from the voluminous posts of the last 6 months of teamwork carried out on the Adventure Capital Slack channel; analyses of relevant concepts from economics and finance; and traces of an experiment in the creative use of tokens that was continuously throughout the event, on- and offsite. The token experiment was designed to invite creative play on what a currency can do, in order to inspire reflection on the nature of exchange and the limits of the currency model (in contradistinction, for example, to the derivatives model). It gave an experiential grounding to the difficult conceptual work that Immediations have been doing on the relation between monetary economies of scarcity and creative economies of abundance.

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