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How Do You Make Yourself A Proposition? A Whitehead Laboratory – Dec 1-3 2016

SenseLab was invited to organize the international Whitehead Conference held every two years at the University of Claremont. Part of our call: “What would a conference look like were it to take Whitehead’s propositions about propositions seriously? It would look more like a laboratory of speculative thought, we proposed, than a “marketplace” of ideas. A matter of fact in potential, directly experienced, is enacted, not exchanged. Our questions were: what would it mean to make the conference form “propositional” in the way that process philosophy understands it? How would that reorient what Isabelle Stengers calls ecologies of practice, within the academy, as well as in the academy’s relation to the world’s awaiting collectivities-to-come?” As the conference-laboratory unfolded, 25 members of the SenseLab and 20 invited guests alongside other participants worked rigorously around knots, vectors and junctures as propositional techniques for exploring how our practices, the different modes of discourses, the circumstances for togetherness inform and orient what an event can do (and what it produces). The conference carried this exploration with a quality of care and a real capacity for listening; an impersonal attunement to the event – a truly emergent collectivity. This was a collaboration with the Whitehead Consortium and Claremont University Whitehead Chair Roland Faber. 45 participants.