Sonic Contours (of Events-to-Come)

Sonic Contours is a technique for anarchival relaying between research-creation events through web-based digital soundscapes, made up of a number of sounds recorded over the course of the Immediations project. The question of relaying from past events to future ones has been central to the project, and is a central question to all collective and creative forms of thinking and doing that work across different practices, institutions, and time zones; how do you simultaneously continue and begin without predetermining results? How can you attune to the qualities of the previous events to make them palpable in new events, as a creative potential for events-to-come?

The sounds that make up the soundscape are recordings from reading groups and workshops, from the sonic exploration of different themes related to the project, sounds from installations, and more. In addition, some of the soundscapes are based on concrete recordings for the soundscape infrastructure from the “Distributing the Insensible: Performing the Anarchive” event in Montreal. The soundscapes form sonic contours for entering and relaying the thinking-feeling of past events into events-to-come; the potential for a “sonic warm-up,” a digital forward-feeling, creating a continuity of moving-through and differentially activating past tendencies and intensities.

In the future, we will experiment with the distribution of these sounds into urban space, creating locations-based edgings of events; shifting contours where you can attune to the sounds of the past as a relaying into the future. It will also be possible to create a more generic infrastructure where people can themselves change the sounds, and even explore live-streaming in real time, so people can co-compose their own soundscape.