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The Go-To How-To Guide to Anarchiving

This proposition takes a traditional book form. The subject of the book is, precisely, whether a traditional book can be an anarchive. It raises the question of the difference between an archive and an anarchive, in specific relation to the book genre. In what way do the various contemporary forms of the book carry knowledge and propositions of the anarchival kind through the medium of language? Under what circumstances can these knowledge mobilisations move beyond the academy? The ebook combines a variety of kinds of writing by participants of the “Distributing the Insensible” event, including philosophical writing, propositional writing, descriptions of events, creative writing, collective writing experiments, and comics-style visual-verbal hybrids. The domains of practice ranged from curriculum to research-creation to design. This ebook is conceived as a complement to an edited anthology of academic essays on the anarchive that will appear in the Immediations Open Humanities Press book series. The two books will be interlinked as part of the Immediations mobilisation of knowledge plans. A rough, first draft of this project was composed during the “Distributing the Insensible” event. The book will be refined and then made available to the public through existing ebook distribution channels.