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Into the Folds (May 23-25 2008)

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May 23-25 2008

But the universe is as though compressed by an active force that gives matter a curvilinear or turbulent movement, following a non-tangential curve to its limit. – Gilles Deleuze

The Sense Lab invites you to participate in a three-day movement and philosophy workshop led by Erin Manning. Key contributors are Brian Massumi, Mireille Painchaud, Sher Doruff and Nora Heilmann. The workshop will be housed at the Society for Art and Technology in Montreal, Canada, and will be dedicated to an exploration of how movement folds into thought and thought into movement. A key aspect of the workshop will be the exploration of how the movementphilosophy intersection creates events in the making. To these ends, we will keep the workshop small (a total of 20 people). A reading package will be sent out to all participants. Close-reading of the texts will be encouraged in an attempt to foster an open and generous engagement with the readings. Philosophical readings will include portions of texts by Henri Bergson, Alfred North Whitehead, Gilles Deleuze, Jose Gil and Friedrich Nietzsche. No previous movement experience or philosophical training is necessary. The third day of the event will unfold into an installation-event called Folds to Infinity, which is a process-based clothing collection designed by Erin Manning.

This event will be open to the public. Workshop participants will be invited to become collaborators in this event.

This is a call for participation. Please let us know why you would like to come.