The Oversize Pocket Book is 10 meters long and 40 centimeters wide. It is made of a stretch of canvas folded lengthwise in two, leaving one side open, forming one long pocket. The canvas is folded into triangles, so that it accordions between its unfolded full-length and a compact folded form. When folded, it can also stand up in a pyramid form. Small, irregularly shaped pockets are sewn into various segments of the canvas. Compositions carrying anarchival traces made of any number of media can be inserted into the main pocket running the entire length of the book or into the small, inside pockets. Between the two kinds of pockets, the book has two insides. In another doubling, it can also be a book of books: the 59-Minute Do-It-Ourselves Books and the Reembroidering the Event Book are among the anarchival propositions that have found a temporary home in the Oversize Pocket Book. The book can be emptied of its contents and refilled by others in workshops and events for anarchival knowledge mobilisation.