Living Topographies of Relation

An existing open-source platform for creative journal editing, online expositions, and archiving creative research was adapted toward anarchival uses (Research Catalogue: An International Database for Artistic Research). The platform allows sound, image, and text to be combined, and for objects to be stacked. Rather than dividing the content into separate pages, we arrayed anarchival traces on a single sheet that extends infinitely beyond the edge of the screen in three directions, allowing for indefinite addability and requiring exploration on the part of the user similar to navigating through a landscape. The projects on the platform were left open and revisable, encouraging ongoing composition, as well as connoting the never-ending nature of the process of anarchiving.

The platform serves two primary purposes. 1) To anarchive Immediations events. All participants of the events were invited to participate, toward a collective composition. The European hub used the platform to anarchive a number of its local events around the concept of the anarchive. The Montreal hub used it to anarchive two ongoing series of public research-creation events held once a month during 2014-2015 at community partner Usine C: Knots of Thought and Movements of Thought. 2) To create off-series issues of the Immediations journal Inflexions: A Journal for Research-Creation. These are “living issues” that can be returned to and expanded upon at any time. They either stand alone or are used as an exploratory platform for the concept design of regular, completed Inflexions issues (in particular, the “Radical Pedagogies” issue), and thus stand as an anarchive of their making. Part of the concept of these issues designed with the Research Catalogue platform was to activate the gaps between content elements by the necessity of nonstandardized gestures of navigation on the part of the user, in order to create the feeling of a relational matrix rather than a collection of separate items.




“Anarchiving Precarity”:

“Knots of Thought / Movements of Thought”:

“Radical Pedagogies”:

“Urban Fabrics”:

Actively Not Arriving: A Durational Atmospheric Intervention”:

Dialogues I: On Performance, or Untimely Fabulation”: