The Book of Care (For the Event)

“Care for the event” is a concept that the Immediations project inherited from the SenseLab and has made central to it own way of operating. Care for the event refers to practices fostering a collective attunement to the evolving group dynamics and developing creative impetus sustaining a live research-creation event. Care-for-the-event techniques build an ethos of relational engagement focusing on the needs of the interaction itself (as opposed to the individuals involved – it is distinct from therapeutic forms of care in this sense). It is a collective tending, in both sense of the term: a tending-to and a tending-toward. We believe that the success of the project, and its ability to attract and effectively network an increasing number of partners and participants, has been enabled by our sustained attention to relational dynamics as a necessary condition for creative collaboration.

The Book of Care for the event is a multi-leaved book similar in concept to the Five-Dimensional Book. The difference is that it can only be handled by 5 people holding its strings. It has to be danced to be read. It creates a cross-modal connection between movement and language, collectively staged. Each participant has to attend to the movements that the form of the book and the gestures of the other readers propose. A relational field is activated, which has to be tended in order to benefit from the book’s content. The use of the book actively demonstrates the concept of care for the event. The texts and images included in the book are drawn from the anarchival propositions explored in “Distributing the Insensible.” Since participants read as they move, the language the book contains cannot be fully registered. This approximates in an embodied experience the anarchival concept of the trace, highlighting its restless movement and ephemeral nature, always to be completed.