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Anarchiving Precarity (April 25-27, 2014)

Working with the residue of our international fall 2013 event, we continued the experimentation toward developing a set of procedures for anarchiving precarity. Precarity became a key concept because of its alignment to questions of value. These procedures were developed over months of experimenting with different procedural possibilities. The procedures were posted at in advance of the event, and functioned as an entry point for the all three hubs Canada, Europe, Australia to procedurally synchronize their research-creation events. Practices and techniques emerged to explore how the concept of precarity can be opened up onto questions of experience and perception, a concern that we arrived at through reading groups that we held on two afternoons of the event. We left anarchival traces of our explorations in written form and through choreographic objects that we sent to the other hubs. The other hubs will respond with choreographic objects of their own, building an anarchive of texture and materiality evocative of precarity in the process.

excerpts from the submissions to the Precarity issue in their still (in)forming state can be viewed via 

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