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Reading Group

The SenseLab currently operates internationally through an online grouphub (basecamp). Activities are organized on an ongoing basis through project writeboards, messageboards, email lists, and bi-monthly telepresence meetings. A reading group currently meets once every 3 weeks (approx.) at the SenseLab, networked live internationally via Skype.

We have have two groups that engage in close-readings studies. Our primary reading group is led by Erin Manning, which began in 2004 and continues to the present. A second reading group was initiated in 2014 as part of Immediations, led by Erik Bordeleau. This second reading group in Montreal focuses on concepts/readings central to planned Immediations events.

These reading groups relate to the Montreal hub of Immediations. However, by contacting us to join our basecamp, you can find out more about activities of reading groups being led by our other hubs: European (led by Christoph Brunner), Australian (led by Andrew Goodman) and Brazilian (led by Ana Ramos).

Please contact us if you wish to participate via Skype.  To follow the schedule of these reading groups, it is best to join our basecamp hub, but you may also follow announcements on our facebook.

Past read texts include:

Spinoza, Peirce, Guattari Schizoanalytic Cartographies, D&G Anti-Oedipus, Deleuze Hume, Deleuze Nietzsche, Deleuze Expressionism in Philosophy, Deleuze The Fold, Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Guattari Chaosmosis, Bernard Cache Earth Moves, Nietzsche Last Notebooks, Foucault The Order of Thing, Fred Moten & Stephano Harney The Undercommons

The minor reading group did Pierce Cartographies of Exhaustion, Viveiros de Castro Cannibal Metaphyisics, Eduardo Kohn How Forests Think, Massumi Power at the End of the Economy, Lazzarato Signs, Machines, Subjectivity, Leanne Simpson Dancing On Our Turtle’s Back.


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