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Please join us for a Stirring the Pot session on sound/listening experimentation with Noa Haran and Mali Ka at the SenseLab on Tuesday, December 11 at 2 pm.

2pm: Noa Haran will lead a workshop around the idea of ‘modes of listening’, an invitation to explore them together through vocal improvisation – previous experience in vocal improvisation is not required!
A ‘mode of listening’ is a perceptual state of the listener when they focus their attention on certain aspects or details of the sounds or consciously assuming a specific context or intention to the sound. For example, we can decide to listen to a certain sound as if it speech, or focus our attention only on the production of a sound; to the air and pressure involved in it. In free improvisation, modes of listening can be practiced together and then be reflected in the music that we are making. By putting the focus on “how do we listen” rather than “what do we sing/play” we may find it easier to tune in to each other on the one hand, and stay open and inclusive toward any kind of sound on the other.

Noa Haran is a vocalist and composer based in Montreal, originally from Jerusalem, Israel. Beside holding a M.MUS is composition from McGill University, she has been involved for many years in the scene of vocal improvisation. She is a co-founder and member of ABRA – a vocal performance quartet, who performed at a diverse range of venues in Israel and Europe, released an album and gained recognition both in the new music and contemporary performance scenes. As soloist, Noa performed mainly contemporary pieces, some of them composed for her. Lately, she has performed the main role in the fringe opera “Word Problem” composer Uri Agnon. Noa is also engaged in teaching voice and leading vocal ensembles. Composing, singing, teaching and conducting are deeply interconnected in the context of her work; With each of these disciplines she aims to portray a message of listening, openness, creativity and cooperation.

3pm: Mali Ka
Sounds are generated by different sources and may be executed with the intent of creating the means to self-transformation. By activating their hearing sense through a series of different exercises that explore the themes of repetition, security, and musicalness, the participant’s engagement with the workshop will enhance their mental awareness to a degree of complete absorption. This will help evaluate our capacity and ability to understand the fusion of esoteric presence in sound and practice body mindfulness of auditory energy.

Currently, Mali Ka is majoring in painting and drawing at Concordia University. She aims to recreate an installation within a space where the artist makes interaction possible with a blend of disciplines (sculpture, sound, image, painting, performance, etc).
In this context, static viewing is inhibited by the inventor who will instead facilitate active investigation for the guests; materiality as a way to create multiple types of dialogue. The goal is for this process to be acknowledged as an impetus to feed one’s creative self.