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On Halloween, October 31st from 3 to 5 pm, Catharine Cary proposes to “open the present “ of pure nonsense – welcome to the Nonsense Lab. Starting with elements of her “Upside Down Protocol”, she will activate a session of continual movement (during which you may sit down), offering nonsensical ways to jump into the synaptic divide, fall off the liminal edge, dip our toes into that indescribable soup, smell the bigger body, eat into the space inbetween, or the void, or the now, or the moment. Two hours of fitting in and fitting out, cutting to the chase, finding an interval or the relative pitch — a breaking of habit.

“Techniques open habit to its potential undoing as much as they make apparent habit’s stubborn place in our life.” Erin Manning  (The Minor Gesture, p. 125)
The fact that it’s happening on Halloween, the night that spirits fly before they are nailed down for another year on All Saint’s Day, must have some implication. We will perhaps find out together.

Catharine Cary is interested in the spider web of embodied improvisation as a guidebook for the daily. By practicing improvisation, can we turn on it’s head everything we think we know, provoking play and joy in a mind and body subtle and supple enough to see the ‘upside down’ of things? And act in consequence. After running big complicated urban development projects in New York City, including brushing wingtips with Donald Trump, yikes, she gave up the American dream to paint in Paris. Twenty years later, she has moved her practice to the plastic; her PhD at the Royal College of Art in London is entitled Plastic Practice in Capitalist Time. She’s as old as batshit, was born in New York City yet has lived outside US “homeland security” more than within it’s borders, moving across 48 countries within 6 continents constantly seeking intervals.

Schizo-somatics is a speculative-pragmatic study on modes of experience through the schiz, cut or interval.  If somatics is considered a plane of affective swarming of experience that includes the body but is not limited to it, then the multiplicity of schizes are what (re)compose experience of the plane, allowing it to become, diagrammatically.