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Please join us for the next schizo-somatic proposition, this time activated by Hanako Hoshimi-Caines.

I like dancing I like dancing
I’ve been looking for a way to dance and a new way of thinking my way into dancing. I’ve tried not thinking as the way to get free in dance – because for me working on dancing seems to involve working toward and through degrees of freedom or access to freedom, which seems to come hand in hand with power and the unconscious. But either not thinking is a total illusion, or I cannot operate without it: I need a frame, cause I can’t pretend that I feel totally there, all at once. Maybe this is the structure of my fragmenting kinda-mostly-white western brain-being. But this situation, this commitment, is not a choice, so I work with it. The frame/thinking (the sledgehammer) is the process of entry into what I’d call a “real” dance, and what I mean by real is that it is a dance that destroys and creates all at the same time. It’s powerful and slippery, sludgy and sharp, and goddamn if anything is not allowed in it. I am testing out the truth to see if it might be a temporary access/frame/pass to a break/make dance.

Hanako Hoshimi-Caines is a choreographer and dancer based in Montreal. She is committed to an emo-critical engagement with dance, choreography and philosophy as a way to see, feel and love better. She has danced for a lot of choreographers here and in Europe. Her solo and collaborative works have been shown in performance and music festivals as well as theatres in Canada, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria.

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