Workshop with Alice Cummins

5 days to play, move, share and dialogue.
Practicing being and becoming animal through the Body-Mind Centering (BMC) Developmental Movement Patterns (also referred to as the Neurocellular Patterns):
An invitation to join me in this exploration of our Development Movement Patterns and their phylogenetic animal connections.
I am interested in exploring the stages from pre-vertebral cellular life to vertebral crawling in physical proximity – as animals (which we are). The way that puppies or kittens play, roll, sleep, and rest near and against each other in their early life – to become aware of the animal in this development. What might we find? What might we feel? What might we come to understand and acknowledge of what animals teach us. [1]
After moving and embodying these states we will extend and expand our play through co-created improvisational scores and compositions. Let’s explore what is emergent from the shared field of moving and playing. I am always interested in discovering sources of intelligence, organization and creativity from engaging with the somatic. This is my question and research … I’d love you to bring your questions and moving research.
My brief:
Through engagement and acknowledgement of our phylogenetic connection with other species, we participate consciously in the relational field of the living planet. Embodying the Neurocellular Patterns allows us to sense, feel and know something of the otherness of living creatures. Touch and movement bring us into relationship, refining how we might touch the world with sensitivity. BMC offers what I am calling ‘radical touch’ … in its capacity to bring awareness to the multiple layers of our being – both material and imaginary.