The Savage Thought Reading Group

The Savage Thought reading group studies the thinking through of indigenous tribes in Brazil. Central is the work of Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, who develops what he calls perspectivism — “when everything is human, what is a human?” — as a conceptual way of thinking differently about human-nature relation. Next to this we read other important text from Brazilian thinkers that in some way supplement de Castro’s work.

At the reading group we address concerns such as “the decolonization of thought“, how the concept of predation allows us new perspectives on our current globalized and economized world, what the practice of the shaman does and what forces are set into motion that creates a potential for living differently. The dates for this alter-reading group are: 14th of October, 7th and 19th of November, 17th of December and 23rd of January at the Senselab. Everyone is welcome!