Speaker Series with Peter Kulchyski, Jan 30 14h

Monday, January 30 at 2pm
Peter Kulchyski, author of Aboriginal Rights are Not Human Rights: In Defence of Indigenous Struggles will be sharing his work at SenseLab in an informal setting. All are welcome!
Aboriginal rights belong in a different category than universal human rights because they are grounded in the particular practices of aboriginal people. So argues Peter Kulchyski in this provocative book from the front lines of indigenous people’s struggles to defend their culture from the ongoing conquest of their traditional lands. Kulchyski shows that some differences are more different than others, and he draws a border between bush culture and mall culture, between indigenous people’s mode of production and the totalizing push of state-led capitalism. 

Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights provides much needed conceptual and historical analysis of aboriginal and treaty rights in Canada, and offers concrete suggestions to transform the current policy paradigm into one that supports and invigorates indigenous cultures in a contemporary context.

E.V. building, Room 10.785.
Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University,
1515 Sainte-Catherine St. W.