Speaker Series with Khadija Baker, April 21 14h

Dear everyone,

Please join us for our next Speaker Series with Khadija Baker who will be presenting her last work: “Blue Beard Today’s Tale” a short movie which has been selected at the last RDV du Cinema Québecois.

The Speaker series will be at the SenseLab: E.V. building (1515 Sainte-Catherine West), room 10-785.

FR – S’inspirant de Barbe Bleue et intégrant la performance d’une mère et de son enfant, ce film est une réflexion poétique sur le comportement des dictateurs envers leur nation lorsqu’ils se font rejeter.

EN- A poetic reflection on the behaviour of dictators toward their nation upon being rejected. Inspired by Bluebeard and featuring the performance of a mother and child.

2pm: Khadija Baker
The experimental poetic video art/film is a deep reflection on the Syrian war that took place since 2011. When the revolution took place, the last one within the Arab up rising, it started with peaceful protesters; the respond was extremely violent from the regime part and people were killed on street, or after being arrested.

The work is 17m,49s and supported by Oboro and CAC.

After the screening, a discussion with Khadija will follow.

Khadija Baker is a Montreal-based, multi-disciplinary artist of Kurdish-Syrian descent. Her installations investigate social and political themes centered on the uncertainty of home as it relates to persecution, identity, displacement, and memory. As a witness to traumatic events, unsettled feelings of home are a part of her experience. Her multi-disciplinary installations (textile, sculpture, audio/video) involve participative storytelling and performance to create active spaces of empathy and greater understanding. Her most recent work explores the social aspects of violence in the Arab world and specifically how it affects women and children. You can see examples of her work at: www.khadijabaker.info