Speaker Series: Nina Reggi July 21, 14h

This is an invitation for a Speaker series, FRIDAY, July 21st, at the SenseLab, starting at 2pm, as part of the speaker’s series with Nina Reggi.

Nina Reggi is a Cultural Anthropologist and PH.D. candidate at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, in the Faculty of Cultural Studies/Institut of European Ethnology. She has been a visiting researcher at Concordia’s Simone de Beauvoir Institute since January 2017.

Her dissertation is funded by the Hans-Boeckler-Foundation. 

The talk is an introduction to her work and an open question towards a possible crossing roads. In her research she uses a feminist perspective to examine recent political strategies of the ministry of family in Germany focused on labour and carework balance and how the ministry regulates the relation between labour and care.

After hearing about the SenseLab’s unique approach, she would like to invite us to think with her an entry point into the SenseLab activities, co-create an inflexion towards a different manner of knowledge production.

As always, Skypers are more than welcome!!!