Speaker Series: Mariana Marcassa with Sophia Dacy-Cole, and Celine Pereira, June 9th 2pm

Please join us for a Speaker series on ongoing performances which need some feedback.

2pm: Mariana Marcassa and Sophia Dacy-Cole will present “Chest Pressure Spell”. They will perform a spell; an exorcism of sorts; a way to turn pain back towards the movement it came from. Mariana and Sophia met at Montreal’s SenseLab, where Mariana is pursuing a post-doctorate in Arts and Sophia is an artist-in-residence. Mariana has a background in both performance art and clinical psychology. One of the main discussions she is now exploring in her solo career is the role of the voice in the production of language breakdowns, and, starting from these aphasic micro-fissures, the freeing of the ‘Suonare la Voce’ (as Demetrio Stratos would say) in its sound-potency of expression. Sophia is a performance-oriented sculptor. Her critical writing on the role of fine art in the political sphere forms a parallel practice to her studio work. Her main research and life interest is the affects and techniques of protest movements. Relation is a core value in her approach to everything. The two are united by their interest in the way that the human body stores and transmits affective resonances. And the ways that the body, heavy with affects, constitutes the political. Mariana comes alive in sound and vibration, Sophia in touch and texture. They work at the intersection of sound, sculptural materials, and the always-becoming human body, trying, failing and sometimes succeeding to ask “what can a body do?”

3:30pm: Celine Pereira will present “Playing the Line”, a participatory performance where the audience will be invited to experiment and feel the power and the inside-outside space of anonymity, a becoming-riot-body. Celine is an eventer and an “artivist”, a term she uses to describe a social and professional commitment with an ethical and political stance in favour of the proliferation of art in all its forms. She holds two MA degrees, one in Economic and Social Administration from University of Paris I and the other in Communication from the University of Montreal. She has worked with various arts organizations. Since 2013, Celine continues to spread her experience and artivist practice through research-creation projects, event planning, and the welcoming of international artists and students with the Immediations research-creation project at Concordia university’s SenseLab. Lately, she’s been building a flourishing interest in performance.