Speaker Series: Kristen Petersen (Aug 30, 2pm)

Please join us for a Speaker Series with Kristen Petersen, resident from Hampshire College, on August 30 at 2pm. This Speaker Series will be held at the SenseLab, room 10-785, E.V. building (1515 Sainte-Catherine west).

Below is the invitation from Kristen:

Working in the same vein as the alter-economies retreat, please join me in an activity where we speculate on prototypes for technological ensembles that are dedicated to novel ways of sensing. I’ll present some research I’ve been doing for the past month, while in residency on some philosophically-grounded concepts that can be utilized in technology development (like abstract space, molecular changes via events, focusing on intensive movement). There will be a nice mixture of diagramming / light choreography / discussion.