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This iteration of Schizo-somatic meets Stirring the Pot is an invitation for Grasiele Sousa and Lucio Agra at the intersection of these two ways of sharing; by schizzing and by presenting a practice in an active way.

From Lucio and Grasiele:
We would like to make a conversation about performance art in Brazil starting from our own experience and trying to contrast this with a collective imaginary constructed around this topic. To get to this point, we would like participants to bring anything they imagine/perceive as part of Brazilian performance art – words, materials, names, objects, sounds, gestures, images, flavors, etc. We then will arrange this cartography live. It will be like a “provisional museum” of Brazilian Performance Art, made together. Of course, there is no intention to be exhaustive; a speech act which is also an « in promptu » collage of fragments of what performance art could be in Brazil.

If you don’t have any ideas, try to imagine.

Lucio Agra and Grasiele Sousa are performance artists in Brazil. Grasiele holds a MdA in Studies of Subjectivity at Catholic University of Sao Paulo and is formed in Arts by Universidade Estadual de Sao Paulo. Lucio is PhD in Communication and Semiotics also at Catholic University with several essays published in the area of Performance Studies. They both were involved in the production of the seven editions of Perfor, an international festival in the city of Sao Paulo and nowadays they live and work in Bahia. Their work deals with questions around feminist trends, the place of performance art in so called peripheral countries, the politics of difference and monstruosity, reperformance and a critical view towards what could be an official history of performance art.