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Schizo-somatic workshop series: seventh iteration – March 28th, 3pm

Dear All,

Please join us for the seventh iteration of the schizo-somatic workshops next Wednesday 28th of March from 3 to-5pm at the Senselab, activated by Camille Renarhd.


Tshuishamin tshetshi uitsheutan naneu.

You invite me to the banks of these unknown waters.

(Joséphine Bacon, 2009, p. 88)


I am a container of multiple voices

I am a body of knowledge

I am a body of water

I am a ritual of non-stop- on-going transformations


Bring all your body parts

Bring all your breathing selves

Bring all your moving selves

And get ready to entangle, cut and paste.


Camille Renarhd’s body performs, dances, jumps, writes, vocalizes, makes things, does a PhD and teaches.