Schizo-somatic workshop series: second iteration

Come join us for the second iteration of the schizo-somatic workshops for the next Wednesday 21st, February at 4-6pm at the Senselab, this time, activated by Mariana Marcassa.

Voicing Experimentation

I invite you to join in exploring exercises in voicing and embodiment – opening a space for the voice beyond its usual verbal function.

Along with Demetrio Stratos’s “voice-music” or Antonin Artaud’s “body without organs” this work understands the voice as a language that is immanent to itself – not subordinated to speech (Could we say the BwO is produced with sonorous and vocal blocks created by him – shouts, glossolalia, noise and variations of varied strangeness?).

This workshop will be structured trough four propositions which we will have the opportunity to explore and make different sounds putting in motion not only the entire mouth cavity, but also the entire body. A proposal to explore, to play, to laugh at our strange sonorities at the same time that we open our listening ability.

Mariana Marcassa is an Academic Visitor at Senselab, sound therapist and performer who has been developing her postdoctoral at PPGCA UFF-Brazil between the arts and clinical practices, which focuses on sound-studies and voice-effects aiming to develop clinical incursions into the body’s traumas. Mariana’s research is part of the group Sistemas sensíveis plástico-sonoro-discursivos-at Programa de Pós-Graduação em Estudos Contemporâneos das Artes [PPGCA] UFF-BR and SenseLab at Concordia University.

Schizo-somatics is a speculative-pragmatic study on modes of experience through the schiz, cut or interval. If somatics is considered a plane of affective swarming of experience that includes the body but is not limited to it, then the multiplicity of schizes are what (re)compose experience of the plane, allowing it to become, diagrammatically.