Schizo-somatic workshop series – March 21, 4pm

Please join us for the sixth iteration of the schizo-somatic workshops next Wednesday 21st of March at 4-6pm at the Senselab, activated by Mariana Marcassa and Csenge Kolozsvari. 

Durational Spaces

This workshop proposes to explore sensations across body-spaces – durationally. We will enter into the movement that brings elasticity to experience through practices of listening, contacting material (earth), sounding and breathing. 

Schizo-somatics is a speculative-pragmatic study on modes of experience through the schiz, cut or interval. If somatics is considered a plane of affective swarming of experience that includes the body but is not limited to it, then the multiplicity of schizes are what (re)compose experience of the plane, allowing it to become, diagrammatically.