Schizo-somatic workshop series – interlude

Hi Everyone,

Join us for the first schizo-somatic interlude next Wednesday March 14th at 3-5pm at the Senselab activated by Erin Manning.


Working through a map of concepts – the amodal, a primitive form of déjà vu, forms of feeling, affective attunement, intensity contours, virtual feeling – we will experiment with techniques culled from Daniel Stern’s for composing a vitality affect of past schizosomatic workshops. Linked directly to the 3 Ecologies Institute we might conceive of our work as developing a Processual Operator (POT – more on this when we meet) that has the intensity contour of one of the earlier events. If you have been to past schizosomatic workshops, please come! If you haven’t, please don’t worry – there will be room for fabulation. If you would like to participate online, please do! This will be a series of interludes – the aim is to learn together how to create emergent modes of anarchiving that directly compose with vitality affect and affective attunement.

** you can find the fb event and the text to be read here **

Schizo-somatics is a speculative-pragmatic study on modes of experience through the schiz, cut or interval. If somatics is considered a plane of affective swarming of experience that includes the body but is not limited to it, then the multiplicity of schizes are what (re)compose experience of the plane, allowing it to become, diagrammatically.