Schizo-somatic workshop series, first session Friday, January 26th, 3pm

Growing out of a year-long collaborative exploration – inspired by Brian’s book “What Animals Teach Us About Politics” – we would like to open up our process into a workshop-series where schizoanalytic and somatic practices intersect.

Schizo-somatics is a speculative-pragmatic study on modes of experience through the schiz, cut or interval. If somatics is considered a plane of affective swarming of experience that includes the body but is not limited to it, then the multiplicity of schizes are what (re)compose experience of the plane, allowing it to become, diagrammatically.

Despite the complexity to be explored, the practices to embodied will be very simple: crawling side by side drawing water bags, playing with breath, moving with pencils, touching textures, voicing etc. The workshops will happen weekly. The first in the series will be held Friday, January 26th, 2018 at 3pm.