Schizo-somatic workshop series: 9th iteration, April 18th 3-5pm

Dear All,

Please join us for the ninth iteration of the schizo-somatic workshops next Wednesday 18th of April from 3 to-5pm at the Senselab, activated by Thea Patterson.

when objects wink at you

Through the activation of light scores, we will spend time with some (mostly) silver objects of differing textures, weights, plasticities and vibrations . The performative desire of the objects leans towards the emergence of choreo-sculptural landscapes that activate perception and attention.

Some curiosities include: can bodies and objects can overlap?Can the objects speak…dance…wink? What if the objects are in charge? Somewhere in the gap between acting upon and being acted on is a hypersensitive space that troubles the ideation that only bodies are lively, and that material is inert/passive without a vitality of its own.

Thea Patterson (BFA, MA) is a choreographer, performer, and dramaturge based in Montreal.Her early choreographic works include Rhyming Couplets (08), and A Soft Place to Fall (06). From 2007 to 2015 she worked as dramaturge, and co-artistic director on seven acclaimed works including Eesti: Myths and Machines (2011)which received mention as top dance works of the year by the Voir. An interest in collaborative models then lead to the co- founding of the collective The Choreographers (2007-2011). During that time, she also co-choreographed Norman (2008) for Lemieux.Pilon.4Dart which toured extensively through Asia and Europe. Her more recent works explore self-solo formats and an interest in expanded choreographic methods. This led to the dance that i cannot do (2013) which was presented at, amongst others, Movement Research-The Judson Church and the Munich Dance Festival. In 2016 she began work on her Masters project between the isand the could be (2016) which explored emergent choreographic forms, and other methods for altering aspects of spectatorship. In 2016, She completed her Masters at The Graduate School, DAS Choreography (Amsterdam). Currently she is working on new projects in Montreal, Portugal, Amsterdam, and Newfoundland. She was recently selected to participate in an intensive choreographic residency with Deborah Hay.