Schizo-somatic workshop series #16 June 13th, 3-5pm

Please come and us for the next schizo-somatic workshop next Wednesday June 13th from 3-5pm at the Senselab activated by Mayra Morales:

“For this ‘Let’s Dance’ schizo- somatic activation I bring a dance practice that has built some moves in m:m’s bodyings. Basically I’ll guide a contemporary dance class. No previous knowledge needed. Just bring comfortable clothes that allow you to explore full range of body movements, from floor rolling,  to wide X’x and to small cocoons. We will engage with a traditional dance class ritual, from warm up, and what some people call developmental movement pattern explorations to collaboratively building up some rhythmic transitioning movement sequences to go from the floor to standing and viceversa. Body inversions will be encouraged. We will then move across the room with fancy chases or feet combinations, perhaps some cartwheels-like. I repeat, no previous knowledge needed, we will figure it out, or not. Toward the end we’ll make our bodies available for lifting off from the floor with some small jumps and turns. Finally we’ll learn together a small choreography to dance in quartets. And end with some cooling down and body work exercises. It will be a very invigorating session yet movement softness and ease will be massaged. So come ready to sweat and bring a water bottle! If you’re feeling the vibe, bring a fancy dance outfit, tights, pants, shorts, bodysuit, or a special dance t-shirt, but if that makes you uncomfortable bring whatever makes you feel dancy enough. I’m excited to share this practice that I usually hide in a very far corner. I hope that you can come, enjoy and help me understand a way to pull it out together from its corner place. Why not? Let’s dance!”