Schizo-somatic workshop series, #14 May 30th, 3-5pm

Hi Everyone,
Join us for the second schizo-somatic interlude next Wednesday May 30th from 3-5pm at the Senselab activated by Erin Manning.


Please come to explore the shape and vitality of a schizosomatic interlude, this time in an encounter with the anarchival traces of the practice itself. Our work will be to mobilize those traces and explore their capacity to shape processual operators (POTs). Please go to and look under 3 Ecologies Institute to read the working paper on POTs before the workshop. It might also be useful to read the interview on the 3E Process Seedbank posted there.

We will also re visit the short text selection by Daniel Stern’s “The Interpersonal World of the Infant” and a quote from Virginia’s Wolf “Mrs Dalloway”. If you don’t have access to them, please contact us here.