Schizo-somatic workshop series #13 May 16th, 5-6.30pm

Please join us for the 13th iteration of the schizo-somatic workshops next Wednesday 16th of May from 5-6.30pm at the Senselab, activated by Sara Hanley.

We invite you to attempt
to unwind time
unravel thoughts
undo our last movement
and the one before
and the one before
and the one before
unpack layers of bodies
to perform in-reaching
to bring deep awareness to connectedness
and functional and material qualities of memory

Sara Hanley is a Montreal based dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. Through collage, assemblage and play she investigates the interrelationship between bodies and environment. Currently collaborating in the studio and on stage with young artists (between 9 and 12 years old) with hearing impairments, they investigate the physicality of sound through touch and movement.