Schizo-somatic workshop series #12 May 9th, 5.30-6pm

Please join us for the 12th iteration of the schizo-somatic workshops next Wednesday 9th of May from 5-6.30pm Eastern Time at the Senselab, activated by Daniel Pinheiro and Csenge Kolozsvari.

We will have the workshop on Wednesday the 9th of May at 5-6.30pm MTL time at the Senselab, online 7-8.30am Australia time (next day), 6-7.30pm Brazil time and 11pm-12.30am Europe time (sorry:) in the hope that many of you can (re)join.

Aiming to explore the affordances of the networked space across and acknowledging the interruption produced by technology connecting the different nodes this iteration focuses on experimenting the collective production of a space across populated by textures, beings, surroundings and materials.

By acting within this space we’re also acting on the physical surrounding, allowing the instantaneous ubiquity transform into a transvisual experience to (potentially) discuss and understand, but above all, somatically experience, a networked movement across, where we register value through and with.

Participants are asked to join with their computers (remotely or at the Senselab) and have materials that can be acted upon (e.g. cloth, clay, water, dust, earth, plants…) either through forces acting on them such that they will change – cloth with wind, paper burning, etc – or involving a body as an intercessor; propeller of movement.