Schizo-somatic workshop series: 10th iteration, April 18th 3-5pm

Dear All,Please join us for the tenth iteration of the schizo-somatic workshops next Wednesday 25th of April from 3 to-5pm at the Senselab, activated by Esthel Vogrig Nardini.

“Sometimes by shifting a little thing everything changes”.

For this schizo-somatic iteration I will propose some simple shifts of perception to try to resonate differently with all the nonhuman movements in the Senselab space. We will spend some time focusing on smelling and listening to what is moving in the space as a way to explore different degrees of attunements, and to experiment with modes of resonating with the non human movements that are already happening.

Esthel Vogrig Nardini is an artist that likes to work in between diverse fields of knowledge and artistic practices, always curious about the endless oscillations of meaning. She usually works from a choreographic/performative perspective, looking at the movement and organization of bodies/words/objects and intrigued by the times and spaces that arouse from each kind of constellation. Currently she is in the middle of her MA in the INDI Program at Concordia, in where she is exploring the relationship between the living body and the mediated visual image focusing on the implicit performativity of the act of filming and developing a practice based on experimental ethnography and sonic sensibilities.