Schizo-somatic workshop #18 June 27, 2-4pm

Please join us for the next schizo-somatic workshop Wednesday, June 27 from 2-4pm, at SenseLab. This week’s activation is by Sean Smith, with an intervention by k.g. Guttman.
We are interested in the question of the leak, specifically by a reminder from Barbara Glowczewski that Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘lignes de fuites’ means both ‘lines of flight’ and a reference to the liquid properties of leaking. What is *vital* about the leak? Or, what is vital about leak*ing*, in processual terms—the schizz?
To this curiosity about the leak in schizo-somatic movement-tendencies, we’d like to weave a link to another current SenseLab thread of inquiry, namely: wondering what is vital about the leak in (speculative, schizo) financial terms (such as, leaking information to the media in advance of a market transaction, the ways that time leaks in derivative terms).
We will begin with a focus on a particular type of leaking: ‘evacuation’, and the vitality affects, releases, and surges of energy which accompany them. We will follow the example offered to us by the infant and inspired by our own children (with their hiccups, burps, farts, poos, pees) to explore evacuation as a form of breathing and sounding.
And then we hope to drift, or to leak out of this loose score: How is the (dis)(em)bodying of value a leakage? How does speculative finance connect to or perform the leak? How does a market evacuate? How do vitality affects emerge from evacuation as an alter-economic value proposition?