Schizo-somatic workshop #17 June 20th, 3-5pm

Please join us for the next schizo-somatic workshop Wednesday June 20 from 3-5pm, at Sense Lab. This week activation is by Diego Gil.

Summer schizo-somatics are fun. Following the impulse of the past session activated by Mayra Morales called “Let’s Dance”, we will continue dancing this next Wednesday. Why not?

I propose to work with a movement technique that attends to the interruptions of the movement continuity. The aim is to listen to the ecologies of activities moving across the room, when we dance only a small part of what we consider a complete movement.

We will warm up bringing awareness to the fluid and ligamentous system of the body. Then we will give shape to our movement patterns in the space, and finally we will begin to trim each movement complete actualization.

No previous dance knowledge is needed. If you don’t feel like moving, the technique can be done with your imagination. Bring comfortable clothes,specially sneakers you can dance with.

This specific technique is part of the dance performance project “The Half” (2010), which will be re-staged this August at Tanznacht Festival Berlin.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 7.05.38 PM