Postulates of Linguistics Reading Group: Wednesday, Feb 14th, 13h


Invitation from Ana Ramos: I have been thinking about the anarchive as a collective enunciation that foregrounds the intensive dimension of communication. Everything that in-forms this agency-ing is crystallized as becoming-form. I have wished to go back to this chapter for a while and would like to invite you to think-with the anarchive through Deleuze & Guattari. Wednesday, Feb 14th, 13h (Montreal time).

I would like to suggest that tomorrow we concentrate on the first part of the chapter. The French version it’s page 95-109 and in the English it’s p. 75-85. If you want to participate please let me know if you are planning to go to the lab otherwise don’t forget to send me a Skype invite at tara.lafey I know a few people are interested but confirmation is always good!