Physical Lectures at ONoir

1631 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal QC

This is an event Mayra and Csenge have been working on lately, and it also involves a lot of other Senselabbers (Erin, Alanna, Susanne, Mike, Alexander, an more…) and we would love to have you all there!!
Tickets are 35$, which includes the meal at O.Noir, but the Senselab bought 10 tickets to grab for you lovely people. Some may still be available if you RSVP on the hub. 

This shared meal-discussion in total darkness is a symbolic and yet practical choice designed to challenge our awareness and experience of the physical world while engaged in a process of thought. We wish to create a situation where the ecology of open attention, active discourse and sensorial perception provides for the reformulation and reinvention of knowledge structures that exist both in and around the body. For more information visit our website at

November 13, 2013 at 4 PM – 8 PM