Movements of Thought (February 18, 2015)

Yes is the Same as No was an event under the Movements of Thought series at Usine C with guest artist : Jacob Wren

The event-performance that took place on February 18 at Usine C was the first in a series of three, spread over the Winter Fall 2015 (February 18, March 18, and April 1, 2015). The series focused on the theme of “imposture.” It explored fake reality in writing, visual arts, and in the performative act, taking into account ideas such as confronting truth through the lens of “semiotic terrorism,” the undecidable between trust and mistrust, and “subversive affirmation,” in order to create an elastic cartography of reality, where “every freedom is to be stolen.” The “subversive affirmation” (Inke Arns, Sylvia Sasse) pushes the mimicry of reality to the extent that it becomes its contrary. “Imposture” is thus a political gesture, restaging a conflicted truth, a strategy of confrontation and doubt.

The first guest in the series was Jacob Wren, “writer and creator of eccentric performances” (Kathryn Mockler in an interview with the artist), who declares that “artists are not necessarily the most creative or inspired individuals in any given community… Questions of pure creativity clearly lay elsewhere.” He explores the territory of nowhere: “Gradually I am becoming less and less interested in art, while not really becoming interested in anything else, so in the end I’m kind of nowhere.”

The events involved the active participation of artists, researchers and theorists from the SenseLab (Concordia University, research-creation group) in collaboration with Usine C, invited guests and artists. It was built on the principle of the work in progress encounter, where the input of the participants was invaluable to generate genuine creative environment for thought and debate, research creation and innovation.