KOT: February 4, 12:30pm

KOT: February 4, 12:30pm

Knots of Thought: Tomorrow (Wednesday Feb 4) at 12.30pm, at Usine C

Mercredi le 4 février 2015 à midi et demi au Plancher de l’Usine C (1345 av. Lalonde – métro Beaudry), le SenseLab activera les Nœuds de la Pensée 1.

This is an invitation to 
O p e n the space for what a lunch time together can invent

Saut hors de l’space co-compositionnel ensemble

Jumping off into a co-compositional space that we build
together around

what an event can become,

pushing exchangeability to the limit

We invite you to a potlatch for eventful process, gifting forward the practices of Movements of Thought. Developed over the past year, these practices continue to evolve as an ongoing proposition for activating the between of the Senselab and Usine C partnership, as part of Immediations.