Into the Midst: Schedule Update for Oct. 17, 2012

Into the Midst: Schedule Update for Oct. 17, 2012

Wednesday Oct. 17, 2012

6 AM- Runners
(contact Nathaniel and Andrew for location details)

9AM to 10:45AM: Moving Indoors
building up on body experiments we started yesterday
all are welcome! As we mentioned- the way we are thinking to compose includes
voiceovers and task based movement- to be explored with all interested
and the public.
at LE GYM- EV building- metro level.

11AM to 1PM: Knitting
Meeting at the SL (??) to walk to the parks in the SAT neigborhood.

1PM to ??: Tech Meeting at the SAT first encounter with the `owners of the game’

1PM to 3PM: Movement External Research
outdoors take over- with urban furniture- mountaining redness and
other impro/composition games

5 PM: Weaving and gathering materials, movement, nods.

This is a crucial time to plan a structure for our limited moments at
the DOME tomorrow! What and how are the things we wish to test?
It is important to have a sketched plan- including all the working
groups and their overlaps.

Also important- feel free to circulate from group to group-
Movement people will need a video and/or sound person at our outdoor
time- at the studio would also be nice- since we would like to use
two-dimension takes from the body.