Inflexions 9 Launch @Kabane77 (July 18, 5pm)

Inflexions 9 Launch @Kabane77 (July 18, 5pm)

Inflexions 9: F(r)ictions LAUNCH at Kabane77

Curation and Editing by Hubert Gendron-Blais, Diego Gil, Joel E. Mason
Design by Leslie Plumb
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More than a year in the making, you are invited today at 5pm to the Launch of Inflexions issue #9 “F(r)ictions” at KABANE77. Food, live music, conversation, celebration.

Edited by Hubert Gendron-Blais, myself, and Diego Nicolás Gil
Web design by Leslie Plumb.

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There’s so much incredible work in here to discover, work that is co-composing with the design of the site, the call of the issue, our many present social emergencies, and the other contributions.

Contributions from Jayanthi Kyle (from Black Audience), Althea Baird, Marie Alarcon, Adriana DismanJudith Leemann, Dana Michel, Joseph SteeleMcKersin Previlus, Tyh Cespedes, Joe Goring, Paz Rojo, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Quelques parts, Matthew-Robin NyeRonald Rose-Antoinette, and Grant Corbishley.

77 Bernard st., mile end. Drop by and say hi! Share the link! These works really deserve many eyes, ears, skins, mouths.

Inflexions is a journal for research-creation and is published bySenselab.