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Mouvements de la Pensée – Movements of Thought

En collaboration avec l’Usine C, le Senselab lance une série d’activités OUVERTE AU PUBLIC et GRATUITE : Mouvements de la Pensée et Nœuds de la Pensée.

Consultez notre page Facebook pour les horaires et les détails.

Mouvements de la Pensée est une exploration dans l’expérience vécue de la pensée comme jeu mobile qui traverse les disciplines. Qu’est-ce qu’un mouvement de la pensée ? Comment peut-il ouvrir le corps à des modes d’abstraction vécue, humains et plus-qu’humains, à des corps-images, des entités matérielles, des compositions affectives ? Quelles techniques peut-on tirer de diverses pratiques du mouvement physique, et comment peuvent-elles être agencées en dialogue avec des chercheurs et des artistes d’autres domaines? Travaillant étroitement avec la série Nœuds de la Pensée, cet agencement du penser-bouger ensemble invite les participants à contribuer à la création d’une écologie des pratiques secouée par les mouvements de la pensée.

l’Usine C (1345 av. Lalonde – métro Beaudry).

In collaboration with Usine C, the Senselab is pleased to announce a serie of activities OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and FREE : Movements of Thought and Knots of Thought.

Please check Facebook for ongoing event times and details

Movements of Thought considers ways of moving and thinking through embodied experience, and of thought itself as a mobile interplay across disciplines. What is a moving thought? How may it open bodies to modes of lived abstraction, becoming more-or-less human, comprising images, material entities, and affective compositions? What techniques may be drawn from diverse practices in physical movement, and how may these be assembled in discussion with scholars and practitioners from other fields? Working alongside Knots of Thought, this assembly of thinking-together invites participants to consider what may be at stake for performing an ecology of practices in the movements of thought.

Usine C (1345 av. Lalonde – metro Beaudry)


Ongoing research process will be launched in the upcoming Inflexions ‘Radical Pedagogy’ issue may be viewed here. 


Entering into emergent collectivities

How to start with what’s already here – Us, the participants-environment.

Welcome to a Senselab activation.

These workshops focus on improvisation to activate ecologies of attention, with our bodies, the existing environment, architectural forces and even the weather, to foreground a thinking-feeling-making event.

As a network of artists and academics, writers and makers, from a wide diversity of fields, we are working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism.The SenseLab’s event-based projects are collectively self-organizing. Our aim is to experiment with creative techniques for thought in the act. The SenseLab’s product is its process, which is meant to be gifted,most recently through a series of activations calledKnots of Thought and Movements of Thought that explore emergent collectivity at the threshold of becoming.

We’ve been questioning our tendencies to plan in advance. We’ve tried to move away from the pre-choreographed so we can learn to tend to what’s immanent in the process, to what’s happening as it’s happening. If we don’t pre-program we are left with a kind of unknown terrain that detonates an acceleration to attend, putting us all in-relation-with an on-going process which emerges in the doing, and merges with making.

Perhaps the workshop will start to care for the accidents, the eventfullness of failures, and for what is ‘working’ in the work.

                                                                                                                                           —————- A close  up

How it works: The event generates knots big enough to weave in multiple emerging movements – in the act of becoming words, text, sound, and dance, and for material objects to transmute into choreographed sculptures, meals in the making, or into places to rest and spaces to inhabit.

When it works: The event generates movements thatsocialize distance, inviting durations long enough to  resound with disorganized harmonies across relational fields.