3 Ecologies Process Seed Bank

A DAO, or “Distributed Autonomous Organisation,” is a next-generation outgrowth of the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin. Simple transactions between two parties are replaced by “smart contracts” which can involve any kind of engagement and any number of parties. An innovative public-interest startup called the Economic Space Agency (ECSA, http://ecsa.io) has assembled a team of programmers, game developers, economists, NGOs, and art and activist collectives to invent a form of the DAO that combines collaboratiive work tools, a decentralized, self-administering governance system, and an internal micro-economy based on a dedicated cryptocurrency. The idea is to offer civil society groups an open-source platform allowing them to invent their own self-sustaining creative economies, operating in a system grounded in notions of the “commons.”

The SenseLab’s Immediations project is working intensively with ECSA to develop a self-sustaining micro-economy of abundance fostering emergent collectivity arising at the intersection of art, philosophy, and activism. The 3E Process Seed Bank DAO will embody the principles of a key concept that the Immediations project has been developing called the “anarchive.” The 3E Process Seed Bank will serve as the <<creative process engine>> for the 3 Ecologies Institute alter-university project. Like all ECSA-related projects and ECSA itself, the 3E Process Seed Bank will be open source. It will be offered to other cooperatives as a template to be adapted to their needs.


Brief – What is an Anarchive and What Does it Have To do with DAOs?


Anarchival Book of the Movement-Moving of Adventure Capital:
a multidimensional collective exploration of the anarchival frontiers of finance. Produced during the Distributing the Insensible event, Montreal, 10-20 December 2016.

The collaboration between SenseLab’s 3E Process Seed Bank and ECSA is an attempt at terraforming a new economic space. How do you invest in the creation of new economic spaces, and conversely let yourself be invested by the spaces you create? By anarchiving the monetary technology and experimenting with the design of its constitutive elements, we can develop new modes of psycho-social collective individuation. In furtherance of this unfolding experiment, this anarchival book of the movement-moving of 3E Seed Bank has been developed as a process of weaving and intersecting relations with differentials of value informing and giving form to novel social-economic spaces.  This anarchival book traces such a coming-together, and its creation of a movement that both reveals and actualizes an understanding of Adventure Capital as it moves.

Working Papers

The following working papers represent stages in the 3E Process Seed Bank project. They were written to sum up developments and spark further discussion and experimentation. They do not reflect the final form of the project. The concepts and proposals they contain continue to evolve.


Working Paper 1 (October 2016)

This working paper served as a bridge between two events at which ECSA and the SenseLab worked intensively together on issues of creative altereconomies: the Immediations’ Adventure Capital Study Retreat, Oka, 24-27 July 2016 and the ECSA “Open Source the Economy: Blockchain, Abundance, Co-Creation & Beyond”brainstorm and hackathon, Oakland, California, 11-15 November 2016, Oakland. It represents the first systematic imagining of the Adventure Capital DAO.


Working Paper 2 (January 2017)

This working paper develops further ideas about the potential role of the anarchive as part of an alter-economy. It also begins to tackle the question of how the qualities of relation and affective intensities energizing collective creative process might become the basis for an actual economy.


Working Paper 3 (March 2017)

Following up from the SenseLab’s brainstorming session with the Volatilies Group based at NYU and the New School (New York, March 5-7, 2017), this working paper starts to envision how the 3E Process Seed Bank platform might design “smart contracts” consonant with the SenseLab’s approach to creative process. Smart contracts are necessary to enable interoperability with the ECSA environment of cooperative economic spaces.
Working Paper 4 (August 2017)
This working paper develops further ideas about how smart contracts might work on the planned 3E Process Seed Bank Platform. Smart contracts are renamed « self-organizing propositions » (SOPs) to avoid the narrow, transactional connotations of the word « contract. » The goal is to replace the  formal, rule-based governance structure that is typically used to regulate distributed online platforms with a set of flexible, interlinkable SOPS that shepherd the creative interactions across thresholds of decision-making and taking-form. The goal is to provide lures and openings for self-organizing, rather than boxing the process into a normative regulatory framework.
Working Paper 5 (January 2018)

This working paper follows up from Working Paper 4. It presents the thinking resulting from a hands-on workshop designed to further explore the potential of self-organizing propositions (SOPs) as an alternative to a traditional digital governance structure. In keeping with the 3 Ecologies approach, the SOPs are being designed starting from their processual qualities, as experimented with and experienced in live off-line interaction. The goal is for the digital platform to evolve as an analog of the analog process of emergent collectivity, rather than as a formal modeling of individual behavior according to a preestablished rule set. The code takes it place in the process, as a phase of it, participating in and analogically echoing its processual character, rather than standing on its own as a supposedly neutral framing of operational parameters.