Help with prep for the Dome – (Im)material Potluck

Help with prep for the Dome – (Im)material Potluck
At the last Skype meeting we decided it would be a good idea to start getting materials we can use in our exploratory interactions in preparation for going into The Dome, and ideas for concrete starting points for the interactions.
Nathaniel has sent in detailed info on some of the key technical equipment. We also need to think of the low-tech materials. In past meetings we’ve discussed a number of ideas. The Montreal-based domers will start sourcing materials so they’re in place when everyone arrives. But to do that we need a good idea of what would be best to get. If you have ideas (as specific as possible as to type and amount, including where to get things if you have any leads) please let us know as soon as possible. Some of the things we’ve discussed:
— large elastic bands (as used in the Diagram workshop last year)
— light sources for shadow and light play (we need to think what might really work in the dome conditions)
— reflective sheets for play with reflections
Any specific ideas about these? Anything else we should add to the list?
Starting points for the interactions — activity proposals, constructed situations or set-ups to work with, concepts or passages of text to jump off from (what in past events we’ve called platforms for relation).
Thanks! -Brian