Knotspace 2014

In December 2014, the SenseLab gathered in Sydney at COFA with the Australian and European hubs.


Pop-up Propositions for the event (a pop-up proposition appears quite suddenly and gathers momentum around itself – it can happen simultaneously alongside other propositions or can send the event on a journey away from the core of activity).


Proposition: Remember and Forget (Knots of Sound)

From:joel mason

Date:Wed, 10 Dec 2014 at 6:30am

Hi All,

Tomorrow, me and Andrew Goodman will be available to facilitate some interactions with editing sound clips–digital files of any kind. This comes from thinking and walking through making fabulation a sonic possibility that continues to consume itself, forgetting and remembering itself as normal/abnormal,  hopelessly posited within ourselves, but found within our joining with the movement of an event.

We will post time slots that you can sign up for on the corner wall where other propositions have been alluded to.

We will each have a computer with two sets of headphones. The basic idea is that Andrew and I would act as simple engineers, taking artistic direction from whoever signs up, moment by moment, to create a new semblance…of the sound of the event, of the sound after the event, etc. Practically, you pick the clips, how long, any effects?, what order, etc. You make something, we help.


Pop-up Proposition: Sonic Fabulation – Knots of Sound

From:christoph brunner

Date:Mon, 8 Dec 2014 at 10:29pm

For all who are interested, we will start with a sonic flow throughout the event starting today at 5 p.m.

We invite everyone joining in a process of anarchiving, listening to, and relaying the event with and through sound. Sound might be the more-than-human that textures material, movement, and animal.


Pop-up Feldenkrais-Guattari proposal 10am Thursday

From:Andrew Goodman

Date:Tue, 9 Dec 2014 at 11:50pm

For those early risers, I am proposing a Feldenkrais movement workshop(event?) at 10am in the gallery, followed perhaps by speculation on feldenkrais-Guattari connections


Anarchival souping: Moving from New Holland (Fri. 13:30)

From:Søren Rasmussen

Date:Tue, 9 Dec 2014 at 8:34pm

This pop-up proposition is an invitation to experiment with personal ‘traces’ that have emerged from the process of coming-together in Australia in an exploration of techniques for anarchiving. What/how/when is an anarchive? Bring whatever might have taken/is taking any form (photo, video, audio, text, drawing, bodily expressions, etc.) during our gathering in Australia and let’s pull them from their personal belonging into a collective becoming for new thoughts to emerge.What are techniques for the creation of anarchives? How might an anarchive be thought and created in a pragmatic co-creation? What conditions necessitates the creation of anarchives?


Pop-up Proposition: singing/sounding/text games

From:aaron finbloom

Date:Wed, 10 Dec 2014 at 5:08am

Play with our voices and play with the Guattari text simultaneously.  Let’s see how we can ebb/flow in/out of meaning/tonality!  I have a few games up my experimental a cappella-sleaves that we can try out.  AND/OR just free form.  No singing experience necessary.

after lunch tomorrow?  around 2pm?



Walking tour: Aboriginal history of Redfern

From:Ayako Maruyama

Date:Wed, 10 Dec 2014 at 6:32am

Join Donna Ingram’s walking tour focused on aboriginal history of Redfern neighbourhood and political activism. She’s mentioned that tours always differ depending on groups’ interest so bring your inquiries, questions and good shoes 🙂

$30 per person (all goes to Donna), 1 hour 30 mins (could go longer)

We will gather in the COFA courtyard and leave at 2:30PM


No quite a proposition—towards a differential communication

From:Andrew Murphie

Date:Wed, 10 Dec 2014 at 7:20pm

This is not quite worked out. That’s why it’s not quite a proposition. It’s more something of a suggestion for work/discussion/objection/trial/development/undevelopment. In fact, it’s a kind of grasping towards. Maybe I’m off the track .. although even just thinking about this possible set of techniques might raise interesting questions.

I’ve been thinking for a while about differential communication. I’ll start with some suggested techniques then explain down the page.


What techniques might help? I think they would be more complex (perhaps) and more difficult (certainly) than something like conceptual speed dating. Mainly because they would/should challenge so much (ideas, feelings, models, habits) about so many assemblages of enunciation. However, some graspings towards (with theory bits at the end). I should say there’s lots of places I wouldn’t try this—it might remind me a little of Augusto Boal’s theatre techniques which need deft work to work properly:

* What are some of the heterogeneous series (see below if you need to) you find yourself thinking-feeling-expressing? You singular or you plural? List them. Maybe even write them down. Next to those of another who is also writing theirs down (or next to another series of your own). Already you have two sets of differentials. One propelling a single heterogeneous series. The other is between two (or more) heterogeneous series.

* At times you might adjust the heterogeneous series and their differential engagement’s intensity (exaggerate this, diminish this). You might for example exaggerate or diminish differences in points of view/ideas/character/mood, not to energise the positions but so as to see the differential arise the more (in order to “see the sitation” as Grant Courbishley said to me recently … ). Be careful here. 🙂

* Of course some of these heterogeneous series might including the nonhuman, the more than human, the way that both of these are also “our own” series, or that we are “their own”.

* What are the contrasts (in Whitehead’s terms—see below)? Locate the movement of the contrasts.

* Think about relations only as abstractions from contrasts (which is what Whitehead says they are).

* Let the contrasts move each other, including those that are your thinking-feeling-moving at this time …

* No one has to resolve the differentials/contrasts (that’s a relief!), but rather just be with them. Seek out the differential. See what emerges.

*  That’s the most important bit. Ride/ go with the differential and see where it takes you.

* There should be quite a bit of waiting, listening, looking, pausing involved. It might perhaps feel comfortable and slightly not at the same time.

* The whole process should return to waiting, silence (in whatever form that takes), listening, looking often. As often as possible.

* Extra points but really difficuilt: Wait as long as it takes until you really want to say something, do something. Then when you are certain, say it, do it. That could be a long time. It might be whole minutes or hours. Things might emerge and disappear throughout this waiting. It might that you really feel you want to say/do something, then, before you say/do it, you no longer want to. (Be nice to people you are communicating with at this point—in fact throughout!).

* I suspect this is better done with ideas, affects, even movements and speculations rather than “your feelings”.

* If you start, and that’s not it, you can stop. And wait again. That’s ok.

* If you don’t like the technique at any time you can stop altogether. It’s never compulsory. The aim is to feel more comfortable with the contrast. To find the value in it. To allow the contrast to sweep up positions/conceptual schemas/models/habits/interpretations in a way that is a relief. It’s not the aim to make people feel uncomfortable. It’s also not meant as a therapy. It’s meant as a different way of communicating.

* It will though be difficult, kind of impossible really I suspect. It will fail. That’s ok. I suspect that might be part of it working.

* Do away with faciality if you can (for Guattari faciality is largely a bit of a trap). You can look at another face involved for longer than is comfortable (difficult and requires permission). You can just choose to ignore it. Look away but remain in contact in thought-feeling.

* Maybe you can do this in different languages?

* You could certainly do it with concepts—the different ways they are understood.


Pop-up proposition: means of ecosophic exchange, or: let’s make money (quite literally!) – Friday afternoon

From:Laura Lotti

Date:Wed, 10 Dec 2014 at 9:28pm

Hi all

I’ve been thinking about a proposition too, which I think resonates with some of the points brought up in these days’ productive conversations and the mini-pop-up Melora just posted.

In light of the recent invention of Bitcoin — which broke the ‘taboo on money’ — and proliferation of microcurrencies, I would like to propose the question about how a different money can, today, be instrumental for the creation of Universes of Reference different from Integrated World Capitalism’s values — values that are more ecosophic rather than just economic?

How can you create (design? metamodel?) currency (as in: ‘something which flows’ — relations, values, beliefs…) among individuals, without the need for trust? Without face? Or can you do that at all?

Is there a difference between trust and belief? Can you believe in something/one you don’t have to trust?

What would a ‘sustainable’ currency look like towards a postcapitalist world? In the field of education, what sort of currency would prevent falling into the endless spiral of debt?

These are just some questions I have at the moment, and I hope we could come up with more together.

Here’s a quote from Schizoanalytic Cartographies that perhaps we could think through together:

“Everywhere, in every register, in the form of barriers, moulds, modules, punctual, circular, o strange (fractal) attractors, catalyzers, enzymes, genetic coding, gestaltist perceptions, mnemotechnical props, poetic constraints, cognitive procedures, but also financial institutions, institutions of publicity, etc, filters are constituted as interfaces between: 1) the virulent virtualities of chaos, stochastic proliferations; and 2) actual potentialities that can be listed and consolidated” (p. 109 – SC, Bloomsbury edition)

And another (rather long!) from the Three Ecologies:

“I have already stressed that it is less and less legitimate that only a profit-based market should regulate financial and prestige-based rewards for human social activities, for there is a range of other value systems that ought to be considered, including social and aesthetic ‘profitability’ and the values of desire. Until now, these non-capitalist domains of value have only been regulated by the State; hence, for example, the esteem in which national heritage is held. We must stress that new social associations – such as institutions recognized for their social utility – should broaden the financing of a more flexible non-private, non-public Third Sector, which will be forced to expand continuously for as long as human labour gives way to machinization. Beyond recognizing a universal basic income – as a right rather than as some kind of ‘New Deal’ – the question becomes one of how to encourage the organization of individual and collective ventures, and how to direct them towards an ecology of resingularization.” (p. 64-65, The Athlone Press)

If you’re interested, we could meet tomorrow afternoon, perhaps after the anarchival soup if there’s nothing on (I can’t access the calendar!), as the SC quote is part of the primordial soup chapter? We could also try to communicate in some sort of differential mode 🙂



Walking score at 3pm

From:Alice Cummins

Date:Thu, 11 Dec 2014 at 3:50pm

Hi Everyone, I am offering a Walking Score at 3pm.

Lets assemble in the basement room and decide where its possible re the weather. It would be great to do in the courtyard if the weather permits.

The Walking Score is an elegant compositional form that allows self-organizing emergent patterns to be experienced after a period of immersion.

Off for a swim now … see you later



Proposition for Boomerang(ing) at Friday, 3 PM

From:Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen

Date:Thu, 11 Dec 2014 at 7:52am

If anyone would like to join a kind of preliminary study into the (possible immediating) loopholes of the echo/feedback relation of real-time/signaletic noise – you are welcome to join us at 3 PM tomorrow on the 4th. floor to do a session of Skype-looping. The proposition will take of from the inspiration om Nancy Holt and Richard Sierra’s Boomerang. Look it up on facebook.

Anna and Bodil Marie


Poporosition Friday 3:30pm: “Guattarian Functors Inter-Galactic Cosmic Suit” to come!

From:Mayra Morales

Date:Thu, 11 Dec 2014 at 7:08pm

Today around 3:30pm… After boomerang thingy or together? Bring a gift for the suit, it could be material, sonic, conceptual, boring, crazy… Take in mind that a tending to the suit as an event would hopefully be important 😉

Just wanted to share with you that the suit is finding its way into the world and that even if sydney might not witness its full becoming for sure it will wonder-with its existential traits as catalytic focal points of injective departure.

Here a small text i wrote before coming to Australia in relation to the suit’s coming into forming:

In thinking about materiality and building experimental platforms of relation and trying to listen to what happens in the road, yesterday, on my way back from the Guattari’s reading group I had an impulsive desire to build a cosmic suit full of not-really operable buttons, in one sleeve for example there was a button that activated infinite speeds of continuity! and next to it was a laser detector that would activate proto-differential filters for encountering the world… a little bit like an astronaut/galactic suit. This suit would have the capacity of talking back to you (so it would need and integrated wor(l)ding machine) and taking you to places of the unknown even if in the park that you usually take a nocturnal walk! Anyway, I’m throwing it out there because as you know I have no skills for making a suit, anyway, I thought something very rustic like just paper and maybe old magazines to invent the buttons and artifacts for building functors and tensors and all that gluey stuff.

A very important characteristic of this suit would be the capacity to whole-hole the world so I thought about it having different helmets with different kinds of (w)holes that would just allow for partial cuts of the world to come in. I was thinking about a text I just read that talked about how a reader has to invent types of “corazas” shells with grids to then allow the text to come through in different ways. And I was also thinking about Leslie’s proposition to work with holes and the coming through them of light.

Honestly if I think of what else is collectively doing within this signaletic impulsive desire, probably a late Disney movie of Big Hero 6 is making it’s way across as surplus through my more than imagination, together with Libia’s idea of an artifact that helps you navigate the world and of course the invitation to what if the event happens while in mobility, in a train, walking to the store, coming back from the reading group, etc. But it should try to be as far as possible from the google glass and try to invent ways to not become an enter-tainment device but more an enter-ing (even if you’re already in) one, a-tunning thingy bob that invents as you walk different modalities of listening posed outside the suit. Ok, maybe the idea of it is already a lot for it never really needing a coming into fts (Formed Flow). I put it here in case it finds a way to transversally create rhythms of stopping and starting for an experience of retroactive smoothening of time.

The suit could become an option machine… or maybe it is just an option?

Oh then I wandered even more and thought that we could build a couch that moves through the city and we could take people for tours wearing the suit, around a city we don’t know! Coming across as well the story I just read of an uncle who put some wheels on a couch for his dad.

Ok, that’s there! Getting ready to get into that suit and to fly far-near or just sufficiently enough distantly!