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Three Mile Meal (August 23-25, 2013)

3 Mile Meal: August 23-25 2013, 2pm-5pm.

3 Mile Meal is a food-sharing and lack-of-information-gathering SenseLab/DS4si event. We can be found at our 3 public kitchens – Durocher and Bernard in Outremont (come for a kosher snack!), the Fruiterie Mile End (crêpes and make-your-own blended drinks!) and Parc Ex (Dosas and more!).  

Joignez-vous à nous pour Bouffe sur trois bornes: un évévenement de partage de bouffe et de manque d’information organisé par le LaboSens et le DS4si. Trouvez-nous à une de nos cuisines publiques – Durocher et Bernard à Outremont (des gâteries cachères), la Fruiterie Mile End (smoothies et crêpes!) et Parc Park Ex (Dosas et plus!). 23-25 Août, 14-17h.



We would like to acknowledge funding from SSHRC for this event, as part of a partnership grant awarded to Immediations.



Article with Montreal Gazette

Article with 24hr

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Article with Le Devoir

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Interview with CIBL Radio (audio mp3)


French and English posters for the event follow:

Planned Sites for the Project:

Park Ex:  


Mile End: Fruterie